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Updraft - Model 267 - Electronic Actuator

This model features an integrated electronic fuel system that eliminates all external linkage, brackets, belts and pulleys. In addition, the internal bowl venting minimizes the effect of air cleaner deterioration on this carburetor's calibration.

Application Dimensions

  • Engine Size 100-250 CID
  • Throttle Bore 1.181, 1.297, 1.417 inch
  • Choke Bore 1.644 inch
  • Venturi Diameter
  • 18-30 mm range
  • Fuel Inlet Fitting
  • 1/8-27 inch pipe thread

Standard Features

  • Choke Levers: may be specified for positioning on either side of carburetor
  • Internal Bowl Venting: minimizes the effects of air cleaner deterioration
  • Versatile Fuel Inlet Location: provides flexibility in fuel line location
  • Accelerator Pump: vacuum

Optional Features

  • Compact Fuel Shut-Off Solenoid: prevents dieseling
  • Main Jet Adjustment: provides versatility
  • Back Suction Economizer: for effective part throttle fuel economy
  • Ball Bearings: on throttle shaft for low-friction operation
  • Ignition Vacuum Port: provides signal for ignition system
  • Power System: optimizes full load performance

Integrated Electronic Fuel Systems Features

  • Precise Engine Speed Control: no droop over the full power range of the engine
  • Simplified Installation: eliminates all external linkage, brackets, belts and pulleys
  • Safety: no serviceable moving parts near or around the engine fan
  • Lower Fuel Consumption: allows for lower engine RPM settings
  • Reliability: fewer moving parts

The Model 267 design permits operation at extreme angles without flooding or starving the engine. A compact fuel shut-off solenoid can be supplied to prevent the engine from dieseling.

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