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Sidedraft - Model 1408

This sidedraft carburetor has a concentric fuel bowl, a single ring-shaped float and a 3-position spring-loaded choke plate with poppet valve. Its air nozzle throttle body construction provides fuel atomization.

Application Dimensions

  • Engine Size 25-110 CID
  • Throttle Bore 1.181 inch
  • Choke Bore 1.376 inch
  • Venturi Diameter
  • 18-24 mm range
  • Fuel Inlet Fitting
  • 1/8-27 inch pipe thread

Standard Features

  • Economical Design: aluminum die casting and concentric fuel bowl
  • Choke Plate Poppet Valve: eliminates overchoking
  • Air Nozzle: provides fuel atomization
  • Choke and Throttle Levers: may be specified for positioning on either side of carburetor
  • Lip Seals: on the throttle shaft, minimize air leakage and seal out contamination

Optional Features

  • Main Jet Adjustment: can be positioned on either top or bottom
  • Ignition Vacuum Port: provides signal for ignition control

Fuel Automization is provided by Model1408's air nozzle feature. This model's choke plate poppet valve eliminates overchoking.

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