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Downdraft - Model 33 - Electronic Actuator

This model features an integrated electronic fuel system that helps maintain precise engine speed control with no droop over the full power range of the engine. The optional power and acceleration systems plus the availability of a fuel shut-off solenoid and automatic choke, add to the versatility of this carburetor.

Application Dimensions

  • Engine Size 30-140 CID
  • Throttle Bore 1.181, .865 inch
  • Choke Bore 1.804 inch
  • Venturi Diameter
  • 12-28 mm range
  • Fuel Inlet Fitting
  • 1/8-27 inch pipe thread

Standard Features

  • Accelerator Pump: Mechanical or vacuum
  • Calibration Potential: replaceable venturi sizes accommodate many engine applications
  • Flexible Air-Cleaner Mounting: accommodates a variety of designs
  • All Aluminum Die Cast Construction
  • Choke Levers: may be specified for positioning on either side of carburetor

Optional Features

  • Compact Fuel Shut-Off Solenoid: prevents dieseling
  • Automatic Choke
  • Main Jet Adjustment: provides versatility
  • Ball Bearings: on throttle shaft for low-friction operation
  • Ignition Vacuum Port: provides signal for ignition system
  • Power System: optimizes full load performance
  • Emission Tube Capabilities: venting for crankcase

Integrated Electronic Fuel Systems Features

  • Precise Engine Speed Control: no droop over the full power range of the engine
  • Simplified Installation: eliminates all external linkage, brackets, belts and pulleys
  • Safety: no serviceable moving parts near or around the engine fan
  • Lower Fuel Consumption: allows for lower engine RPM settings
  • Reliability: fewer moving parts

The very versatile Model 33 can be designed for many engine applications.

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